Matthew Carr PhD Candidate

University of Cape Town


I am investigating the influence of the large scale ocean dynamics (processes the influence the entire ocean basin) on the productivity within the BIOT region.

These large scale dynamics can strongly influence the abundance of phytoplankton on annual or inter-annual timescales. Therefore, these large scale processes may have far reaching impacts on the greater marine food-wed. Understanding these dynamics allows for a better understanding and provides context to regional observations of productivity. Untangling the effects of these processes may also provide insights into future climate scenarios.

This research highlights the interconnectivity of our oceans; changes within the Pacific Ocean may have strong impacts on the productivity of the Indian Ocean and the BIOT region. The connection between oceans illustrates the complexity of natural systems, which I find fascinating and drives my passion for ocean science.

Matthew Carr


2022 Present
PhD Candidate at the University of Cape Town
2019 2022
Ocean product developer at South African Environmental Network (SAEON)
2016 2018
Msc in Physical Oceanography at the University of Cape Town

My Project

  • Species Distribution and Ecology
    Multi-Scale Oceanographic Numerical Modelling in Support of Regional Marine Science

Other Interests

I am also interested in operational oceanography, providing real-time data and forecasts of the ocean state to various different stakeholders. I feel this is an excellent way to use oceanography to positively impact society and the environment.