Taylor Chapple Ph.D.

Oregon State University


I investigated the movements and behaviors of the Indian Ocean region's megafauna.

Specifically, my research focused primarily on tagging sharks, tunas and mantas with various electronic tags to understand how they use the Indian Ocean marine protected area (MPA). Additionally, I use biologging tags to understand the energetic output of these animals as well as how they interact with and utilize their environment.  I am also using biologging tags to develop new methods to assess and survey underwater systems.

Biologging tags give us the opportunity to go on-board with marine animals and provide key insights into their behaviour and biology as never before.

Taylor Chapple


2019 present
Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
2015 2019
Research Scientist, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University Pacific Grove
2011 2014
Post-doctoral Researcher, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University
2010 2011
Post-doctoral Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
2005 2009
PhD Student, University of California, Davis
2003 2004
Research Scientist, Commercial Shark Fisheries Observer Program
2003 2003
Shark Population Assessment Researcher, NMFS Shark Population Assessment Group

My Project

  • Species Distribution and Ecology
    The Ecology and Ecosystem Roles of Reef Sharks in the Indian Ocean MPA

Other interests

My other research is aimed at increasing our understanding and appreciation of sharks on local and global scales. I lead research projects in South Africa and California studying white sharks. Using my work on movements, energetics and behavior of highly mobile species, I am focused on shifting the current mantra from fear and apprehension of sharks to one of awe and inspiration. 

My Publications

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