Improving MPA Management

Webinar: The Science of Large Marine Protected Areas

The Science of Large Marine Protected Areas

The final seminar of 2020 looks at the science for large marine protected areas. Experts from across the world will discuss the role science plays in protecting the marine environment and how science can be used to inform and improve management of large marine protected areas across the world.

Due to technical difficulties during the live seminar, you can find the individual talks available from our panel of experts below.

Please do send any questions you have to and we will aim to get answers to you within a week.

Sebasti├ín Yancovic Pakarati (Universidad Aut├│noma de Madrid) – Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Marine Protected Area

Prof. Jessica Meeuwig (University of Western Australia) – Documenting the Status of Ocean Wildlife in the Big Blue: Implications for Marine Parks

Prof. Graeme Hays (Deakin University) – The British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) Marine Protected Area: Conservation Gains and Key Challenges

Prof. Julia Baum (University of Victoria) – Climate change and MPAs: Insights from a Remote Reef