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Webinar: Ocean and Climate Change – The Future of our Blue Planet

Ocean and Climate Change: The Future of our Blue Planet

In the latest of the Bertarelli Foundation’s marine science seminars, Kristian Teleki introduces five speakers who are all working on the impact of climate change on our ocean and its biological and social implications.

With climate change regularly making headlines across the world, this seminar takes a look at the close link between the climate and our ocean. With visible impacts of climate change being seen across the world, we look at what is happening already, what the future might look like and the role of politics in this story.


  • Kristian TelekiĀ  – World Resources Institute (Moderator)
  • Prof Rob Dunbar – Stanford University
  • Dr Roxy Koll – Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
  • Prof Chris Perry – University of Exeter
  • Dr Ines Lange – University of Exeter
  • Maria Damanaki

You can watch a recording of the seminar below:

We will post answers to questions we did not have time to answer during the live seminar shortly.