Coral Reefs

Webinar: The Future of Coral Reefs in a Warming World

The Future of Coral Reefs in a Warming World

In the latest of the Bertarelli Foundation’s marine science seminars, Helen Czerski was joined by Dr Gareth Williams from Bangor University who described his work modelling and mapping how reefs in the Indian Ocean might look very different under the different climate change scenarios – and the adaptation ability of corals to warming seas.

Kim Hum from the Nature Conservancy explained how she has used Dr Williams’ models to help protect the coral reefs off the coast of Hawai’i.  And finally, Ambassador Peter Thomson gave his thoughts on the importance of the ocean in addressing climate change – and the role of marine science in protecting the ocean.

Following the short talks, members of the public had the opportunity to ask questions about this fascinating topic to Dr Czerski, Dr Williams and Dr David Obura from CORDIO East Africa.


  • Dr. Helen Czerski
  • Dr. Gareth Williams – Bangor University
  • Kim Hum – The Nature Conservancy
  • Amb. Peter Thomson – UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean
  • Dr. David Obura – CORDIO East Africa

You can watch a recording of the seminar below: