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Webinar: Ocean Exploration – Past, Present and Future

Ocean Exploration - Past, Present and Future

In the first episode of the 2022 series of the Bertarelli Foundation’s marine science webinar, Helen Czerski introduced five wonderful speakers working on and around themes of ocean exploration.

With the ever-turning wheel of progress and research in motion, ocean exploration has come a vast way since the days of yore and navigating by stars. Operational processes have changed dramatically in the past decade, technology has bloomed in the digital era, familiar waters are not so familiar anymore. This webinar delivered an insight into an array of these topics – through the past that has laid foundation for the present, and paves the way forward in the world of ocean exploration.

Following the short talks, members of the public were invited to ask questions on this fascinating topic.


  • Dr. Helen Czerski
  • Paul Rose – National Geographic Pristine Seas
  • Prof. Kerry Howell – University of Plymouth
  • Martin Collins – British Antarctic Survey
  • Sheena Talma and Lucy Woodall – Nekton

You can watch a recording of the webinar below:

Any unanswered questions from the live webinar will be available on the website shortly.