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Webinar: Tropical Seabird Ecology

Tropical Seabird Ecology

In the second episode of the 2022 Bertarelli Foundation’s marine science webinar, Helen Czerski introduced a panel of speakers who are all working on and around themes of tropical seabird ecology.

Seabirds are beautifully adapted for life in the ocean, join us as we discuss, learn and wonder about these charismatic and highly visible predators of marine ecosystems.

Following the short talks, members of the public were invited to ask questions on this topic.


  • Dr. Helen Czerski – moderator
  • Alice Trevail – University of Exeter
  • Annette Fayet – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
  • Peter Carr – Institute of Zoology
  • Robin Freeman – Zoological Society of London

You can watch a recording of the webinar below:


Any unanswered questions from the live webinar will be available on the website shortly.