First Records of the Sicklefin (Mobula tarapacana), Bentfin (Mobula thurstoni), and Spinetail (Mobula mobular) Devil Rays in the Chagos Archipelago

Harris, J.L., Collins, C., Spalding, M., Stevens, G.M.W. (2024). First records of the sicklefin (Mobula tarapacana), bentfin (Mobula thurstoni), and spinetail (Mobula mobular) devil rays in the Chagos Archipelago. Fish Biology.


Recent encounters with sicklefin (Mobula tarapacana) and bentfin (Mobula thurstoni) devil rays in the Chagos Archipelago provide the first confirmed observations of live specimens of these species in this region. Examination of illegal fishing photo archives collected during enforcement revealed these endangered species, and spinetail devil rays (Mobula mobular), are being caught within the archipelago’s vast no-take marine protected area. Future cooperation between authorities and mobulid ray experts is crucial to improve the availability and accuracy of enforcement data and improve management of illegal fishing and mobulid ray conservation activities.

DOI: 10.1111/jfb.15678