Network Analysis and Theory in Shark Ecology – Methods and Applications

Mourier, J., Jacoby, D. M., & Guttridge, T. L. (2018). Network analysis and theory in shark ecology-methods and applications. Shark research: emerging technologies and applications for the field and laboratory. CRC Press, Boca Roton, 337-356.


In recent decades, network analyses have become ubiquitous in ecology, facilitating our understanding of linkages between paired entities, whether it be genes, proteins, individuals, species, or habitats (Blüthgen et al., 2008; Croft et al., 2008; Krause et al., 2007; Proulx et al., 2005; Wey et al., 2008). Network theory (also known as graph theory) originates from the mathematical and social sciences but has developed concurrently across many disciplines, including computational science, physics, management, genetics, and epidemiology (Newman, 2010), to name but a few.