Nupur Kale MSc

Swansea University


I am an ecologist interested in sea turtle ecology and conservation, and by extension, all things marine. For my Ph.D., I will focus on sea turtle foraging ecology and habitats.

Sea turtles are known to spend most of their lives in the water, utilising oceanic and neritic habitats to forage and rest. Their habitat preferences are influenced by numerous factors such as their energy requirements, forage quality and quantity, habitat quality and structure and so on. Therefore, it is crucial to improve our understanding of sea turtle ecology and interactions with their habitats, to take a holistic approach towards their protection and inform conservation decisions.

I am fascinated by the resilience of the ocean and its inhabitants towards anthropogenic pressures and the constant change in the environment.

Nupur Kale


2023 Present
PhD student, Swansea University, UK
2020 2022
Project Associate/Manager, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) - India, Bengaluru, India
2017 2020
Research Assistant, Dakshin Foundation, Bengaluru, India
2012 2016
Research Assistant/Affiliate, Dakshin Foundation, Bengaluru, India
2011 2012
MSc. Conservation Biology, University of Kent, UK
2008 2011
BSc. Zoology, University of Pune, India