Laurence Humeau

Université de la Réunion


I am an Associate Professor interested in population diversification on oceanic island context.

Working closely with H. Teixeira, M. Le Corre and A. Jaeger, my current work within our Marine Science Programme project includes the investigation of genetic connectivity among colonies of five seabird species across the Western Indian Ocean. Coupling genetics with population dynamics and spatial ecology will help to understand the demographic history and ecology of tropical seabirds and to inform conservation decisions.

Oceanic islands provide model systems for the investigation of the biogeography processes of migration, diversification and extinction.

R.J. Whittaker


2005 Present
Associate Professor, University of La Reunion
2003 2005
Postdoctoral Research, UMR PVBMT
1999 2003
Teaching and research assistant, CEFE-CNRS, University of La Reunion
1995 1999
PhD in evolutionary ecology on islands, CEFE-CNRS, University of La Reunion

My Project

  • Species Distribution and Ecology
    Birds Without Borders or Isolated Islands? Connectivity of Western Indian Ocean Seabirds

My Publications