Audrey Jaeger

Université de la Réunion


I’m a seabird ecologist with a particular interest in bio-logging, environmental drivers, spatial analyses and modeling.

Our team will investigate seabird connectivity across the Western Indian Ocean with tracking and genetic population studies. During the project, I will perform wedge-tailed shearwaters tracking on Reunion Island and help with genetic connectivity investigation of five seabird species.

Seabirds perform huge movements during their marine phase, studying their at-sea distribution, sometimes for the first time, is very exciting and crucial for their conservation.

Audrey Jaeger


2016 Present
Associate Professor, University of La Reunion
2013 2015
Postdoctoral Researcher, seabird-pathogen interaction, IRD-TAAF
2011 2013
Postdoctoral Researcher, seabird tracking, University of La Reunion
2006 2010
PhD in Marine Biology, Sorbonne University

My Project

  • Species Distribution and Ecology
    Birds Without Borders or Isolated Islands? Connectivity of Western Indian Ocean Seabirds

My Publications