David Mucciarone M.S.

Stanford University


My research role is to focus on the technical aspects of science with the aim to design and deploy monitoring and sampling systems.

I am mainly involved in the field logistics being; coral drilling with underwater hydraulic systems, water chemistry, deployment and recovery of underwater sensors (acidity & temperature sensor).

I also deploy and recover chemical and physical oceanographic instrumentation in an effort to better understand the impacts of ocean acidification on reefs in BIOT.

I find it important for us to know how the changes in ocean chemistry will impact marine organisms and their ecosystems, so that we can learn how to manage them more electively.

David Mucciarone


2017 Present
Lecturer, Stanford University
1997 Present
R&D Scientist and Engineer and Lab Manager, Biogeochemistry Facility, Stanford University
1988 1997
Lab Manager, Biogeochemistry and Marine Seismic Facility, Rice University
1986 1988
Graduate School, University of South Carolina
1982 1986
Lab Manager, Paleoclimate Facility, University of South Carolina

My Project

  • Coral Reef Resilience
    The Conservation Value of Coral Reef Biodiversity for the BIOT MPA

Other interests

I am interested in designing, developing, and building autonomous instrumentation and other equipment to better monitor coastal systems like kelp forests, sea grass beds, and coral reefs like the ones in BIOT.