Lankika Anjani BSc., MPhil

Blue Resources Trust


I am currently carrying out my research project, ‘Application of Genetic and Genomic Tools to Monitor Elasmobranch Fisheries and Trade in Sri Lanka’.

Our mission is to identify elasmobranch species in Sri Lanka and construct Sri Lanka’s first comprehensive DNA reference library for 48 shark and ray species using next-generation sequencing technology. I have established Sri Lanka’s first shark and ray conservation genetics laboratory and have conducted all DNA extraction and sequencing for my research in this laboratory.

The results of this study will be game-changing for the conservation of elasmobranch species in Sri Lanka. We will be able to validate the visual identification of elasmobranch species, track species-specific catch data and trade flows, and assess population trends by monitoring species distribution over time. The genetic data generated from this study will be added to the Genbank and Barcode Of Life Database (BOLD), providing a comprehensive resource for researchers and conservationists around the world.

I am excited about the potential of this project to make a significant impact on the conservation of elasmobranch species in Sri Lanka and beyond.

It is fascinating to explore the sea on a molecular level. Small tissue samples can reveal surprising species and their relationships, which nobody could have guessed just by looking with the naked eye.

Lankika Anjani


2022 Present
Researcher, Blue Resources Trust, Sri Lanka
2021 2022
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka
2016 2020
BSc (Hons) Aquatic Resources Technology, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

My Project

  • Tackling Illegal Fishing
    Shark Genomics Seascapes

Other Interests

  • Marine evolutionary biology
  • Animal breeding and genetics