Jennifer Appoo MSc.

Université de la Réunion


My research aims to explore seabird nutrient subsidies and dynamics in tropical island ecosystems.

Seabirds transfer nutrient-rich marine subsidies to their breeding rookeries, driving the bottom-up control of food webs, increasing productivity and ecosystem resilience. I am researching the variability in seabird nutrient signatures and exploring how seabird traits impact nutrient provisioning of terrestrial and coastal tropical island ecosystems. I also focus on how seabird nutrient subsidies influence mangrove forests and the functioning of mangrove food webs. The research will improve knowledge on seabird-derived nutrient dynamics and how biodiversity shape ecosystem functioning and stability.

Seabirds are connector species essential to the health of both islands and oceans. Increasing knowledge, restoration and management of this critical island-ocean connection will result in maximum benefits for people, other wildlife, and the marine environment overall (Sandin et al., 2022).

Jennifer Appoo


2021 Present
PhD student in Marine Ecology at University of La Réunion, La Réunion
2014 2021
Field biologist/project manager for biodiversity monitoring programmes in Seychelles and Mauritius
2012 2014
MSc Geology, Biology, Environment at University of Montpellier, France