Alexandra Khrizman PhD student

University of Stanford


My research focuses on quantifying reef community metabolism and calcification rates in the Chagos Archipelago, as a proxy to the reef’s health. PIs: Prof. Rob Dunbar and Prof. Stephen Monismith.

I use the gradient flux approach, specifically a system called the BEAMS (Benthic Ecosystem and Acidification Measurement System), that combines measurements of vertical gradients of chemical constituents (dissolved oxygen and pH), together with measurements of flow characteristics on the reef, in order to quantify net community production (NCP) and net community calcification (NCC). Understanding these processes is essential for assessing whether the reef serves as a source or a sink of carbon, and the role of the reef ecosystem in biogeochemical processes. In addition, I apply photogrammetry technique to assess the reef community composition and its change over time.

I became passionate with the oceans, and especially with coral reefs when I was 12. My parents and I were camping every year on the beach of the Red Sea, where reefs are two meters from our tent. I spent hours snorkelling and being fascinated by how this ecosystem functions.

Alexandra Khrizman


2020 Present
Ph.D. student at Stanford University. Research on assessing reef community production and calcification rates in the Chagos Archipelago and in the Republic of Palau. PI: Prof. Rob Dunbar, Prof. Stephen Monismith.
2018 2020
Lab manager and research assistant in marine ecology lab, Tel Aviv University. Lab research focused on coral reef restoration, aquaculture, and manta ray ecology. PI: Prof. Avigdor Abelson,
2017 2018
Research assistant in geochemistry lab, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. PI: Prof. Boaz Lazar and Prof. Mordechai Stein
2015 2017
M.Sc. in Oceanography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Research on ecology and biomechanics of garden eels in the Red Sea. PI: Prof. Amatzia Genin
2012 2015
B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Earth Sciences, major in Atmosphere, Climate and Oceanography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Completed a SCUBA certification and began research in the coral reef environment in the Red Sea

Other Research

My research also includes quantifying the rates of reef community production and calcification in Palau. I use the same approach as in Chagos, which allows a comparison between the reefs, as well as understanding further how different environmental and ecological conditions shape how the reefs function. This work is part of a larger project using a variety of methods to quantify these processes and study the hydrodynamics over a reef ecosystem.