Divya Karnad PhD.

Ashoka University


My research focuses on understanding fishing practices, fisheries governance and the conservation of threatened marine species from both social and ecological perspectives.

Within the Marine Science Programme I am working on understanding Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing, as well as understanding demand for shark fisheries in India.

Working with fishing communities is the key to long term sustainability and conservation of ocean life.

Divya Karnad


2019 Present
Assistant Professor, Ashoka University
2016 Present
Co-Founder and Scientific Head, InSeason Fish – sustainable seafood initiative

My Project

  • Tackling Illegal Fishing
    Human Dimensions of the Blue Horizon: Behavioural Insights for Compliance and Deterrence

Other Interests

My other research includes understanding fisher’s ecological knowledge on shark and ray species, trade and value chains as well as climate change in fisheries of the Global South.

My Publications