Chris Kerry MSc

University of Exeter


My PhD uses marine spatial ecology, fisheries science, data science, social science and remote sensing to investigate how we can improve the enforceability of regulations within large ‘no-take’ MPAs in the UK Overseas Territories, specifically focussing on reducing illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activity.

This includes the Chagos Archipelago MPA which, uniquely, has a year-round designated patrol vessel. My research has three main research questions;

  1. What are the drivers of illegal activity within large ‘no-take’ MPAs?
  2. How effective are current enforcement efforts at combatting illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activity within the Chagos Archipelago MPA?
  3. How can predictive analysis of fishing effort improve the ability to enforce regulations of large ‘no-take’ MPAs?

Law without enforcement is just good advice

Abraham Lincoln


2019 Present
PhD student, University of Exeter, ZSL & OceanMind
2017 2019
Research Assistant, University of Exeter / ZSL
2016 2017
MSc Student, University of Exeter

My Project

  • Tackling Illegal Fishing
    Human Dimensions of the Blue Horizon: Behavioural Insights for Compliance and Deterrence

Other Interests

My broad interest is within marine conservation science and how vessel tracking technologies can be utilised to monitor and manage environmental impacts from human activities at sea.

My Publications