Phillip McDowall

Sydney Institute of Marine Science


I’m a member of the Australian Institute of Marine Science field team.

My team’s research consists of on conducting fish surveys and biochronologies studies across the Indian Ocean Region.

I was involved in the collection processing biological samples

We think the trawl acts in the same way as a plough on the land. It is just like the farmers tilling their ground. The more we turn it over the greater supply of food there is, and the greater quantity of fish we catch.

Professor Callum Roberts


2008 Present
Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS), Animal Tracking Facility Technical & Operations Officer
2015 Present
Trained as a Commercial Diver and Dive Supervisor
2018 Present
Sydney Institute of Marine Science Boating Officer
2019 Present
Sydney Institute of Marine Science Fieldwork Manager

My Project

  • Island Reef Connections
    Coral Reef Fish in the Indian Ocean Region

Other interests

Through my work with the Integrated Marine Observing System’s Animal Tracking Facility, I have gained extensive experience in the field of acoustic tracking which has allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of researchers, organisations and institutions around the globe.