Alex Rattray PhD.

Deakin University


I am a marine ecologist interested in space-based management of ecosystems and the role that increasingly accurate and resolved tracking, and remote sensing technologies can play in informing environmental decision making that is effective in protecting species and their habitats.

My research focuses on combining satellite tracking with multi-scale environmental data to investigate the movement ecology of sea turtles in the western Indian Ocean.

Working closely with a team led by Prof. Graeme Hays and Dr Nicole Esteban our research is revealing the importance of the Chagos Archipelago to the greater WIO environment through identification of migratory routes and key foraging areas of both adult and juvenile green and hawksbill sea turtles.

High accuracy satellite tracking is showing that for some large marine vertebrates, even small protected areas of only a few km2 can encompass the movements of a large proportion of individuals over long periods.

Alex Rattray


2015 Present
Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia
2013 2015
Research Fellow, University of Pisa, Italy
2009 2013
PhD, Deakin University, Australia

My Project

  • Species Distribution and Ecology
    Conservation of Sea Turtles in the Indian Ocean Region

Other interests

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