Fiona Llewellyn MSc.

Zoological Society of London


I am a marine conservationist working across a number of topics, including the designation and implementation of effective MPAs management, and marine plastic pollution in both urban and remote areas.

I provided project management and technical expertise to the Darwin-funded plastics project, investigating the impact of ocean plastic pollution on nesting turtles in the region surrounding the Chagos Archipelago and reducing the amount of single-use plastic used on Diego Garcia.

The ocean provides us with every second breath we take – it’s the most under-valued asset humanity has

Fiona Llewellyn


2019 present
Member of the Marine CoLABoration
2018 present
Senior Marine Project Manager, ZSL
2016 present
Co-founder of the #OneLess campaign
2014 2018
Marine Project Manager, ZSL
2012 present
Project Lead for the “Project Ocean” partnership between ZSL and Selfridges
2012 2014
Marine Reserves Coalition Coordinator, ZSL
2011 2012
Marine Policy & Campaigns Coordinator, Wildlife & Countryside Link
2006 2007
MSc Ecology, Evolution & Conservation, Imperial College London

My Project

  • Island Reef Connections
    Reducing the Impacts of Plastic around the Indian Ocean Natural Environment

Other interests

I’m particularly interested in fostering unique collaborations and partnerships to tackle and profile ocean threats, and using a ‘systemic change’ approach to ocean conservation challenges.

In 2016, along with Heather Koldewey and partners, I helped to co-found the #OneLess project, an experimental campaign working to eradicate the need for single-use plastic water bottles from London and reduce London’s plastic pollution footprint on the ocean. We’re now using learnings from the #OneLess project to help reduce the use of single-use plastic on Diego Garcia, lowering waste and transforming DG into a more environmentally sustainable island.

My Publications